Subclass 143-Contributory Parent Visa
Visa Class: CA
Date of Modification: 4 May 2022
Visa Category: family_visa
Visa Subclass: 143
Base Application Fee: 4225
Stream: Not Applicable

Visa Application Fee

First instalment (Non 173 to 143 applicant)

Base application charge                                                                                $4 225
Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is at least 18           $1 425
Additional applicant charge for an applicant who is less than 18        $715


Second Instalment (Non 173 to 143 applicant): 

  1. An applicant who:(a)  is a dependent child of an applicant for a Contributory Parent (Migrant) (Class CA) visa; and(b)  was less than 18 at the time of applicationCost: $2 095
  2. Any other applicant.  Cost: $43 600

For 173 to 143 applicant,  please make your inquiry to us.

Visa Application Checklist

At time of the application
  • The applicant:
    • (i)  does not hold a Subclass 870 (Sponsored Parent (Temporary)) visa; and
    • (ii)  if the applicant held such a visa—has left Australia since that visa ceased to be in effect.
    • Reference: Item 1130 (3)(bb)
  • If the applicant has previously made a valid application for another parent visa:
    • (i)  a decision to grant or to refuse to grant that visa has been made; or
    • (ii)  the application for that visa has been withdrawn.
    • Reference: Item 1130 (3)(d)
  • For 173 visa holder
    • (a)  currently holds a Subclass 173 (Contributory Parent (Temporary)) visa; or
    • (b)  has held a Subclass 173 (Contributory Parent (Temporary)) visa at any time in the 28 days immediately before making the application; or
    • (c)  has held a Subclass 173 (Contributory Parent (Temporary)) visa, and who provides the Minister with evidence that compassionate and compelling circumstances exist for the person to be considered to be the holder of a Subclass 173 (Contributory Parent (Temporary)) visa for the purpose of the application.
    • Reference: Item 1130 (5)
  • Check whether the child or the sponsor is settled in Australia
    • Reference: 143.211 & 143.212
At time of the decision
  • Meet the assurance of support requirements
    • Reference: 143.228

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