SPECIFICATION OF COUNTRIES (Paragraph 2.25A(1)(b))-IMMI 13/161
Key Words: Health
Date: 22/03/2014


  1. This Instrument is made under paragraph 2.25A(1)(b) of the Migration Regulations 1994 (‘the Regulations’).

  1. Paragraph 2.25A(1)(b) of the Regulations provides that in determining whether an applicant satisfies the criteria for the grant of a visa, the Minister must seek the opinion of a Medical Officer of the Commonwealth as to whether the person meets certain requirements of Schedule 4, unless the application is for a permanent visa that is made from a country that is a country specified by Gazette Notice and there is no information known to Immigration (either through application or otherwise) to the effect that the person may not meet any of those requirements

  1. The purpose of the Instrument is to extend Local Clearance to all countries specified in the schedule to the Instrument.
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