EVIDENCE OF FURTHER FUNDS AND LIVING COSTS-(Paragraphs 570.613(3)(b), 572.613(3)(b), 573.613(3)(b), 574.613(3)(b), 575.613(3)(b) and 5B102(1)(a), clause 580.111 and subclause 5A104(1))-IMMI 14/004
Key Words: 570,580,evidence of funds.living costs
Date: 16/03/2014


  1. This Instrument is made under Schedule 2, paragraphs 570.613(3)(b), 572.613(3)(b), 573.613(3)(b), 574.613(3)(b), 575.613(3)(b) and clause 580.111; and schedule 5A, subclause 5A104(1); and schedule 5B, paragraph 5B102(1)(a) of the Migration Regulations 1994 (‘the Regulations’).


  1. Subclause 5A104(1) and paragraphs 5B102(1)(a) and 580.111 of the Regulations provides the living costs a student visa applicant must declare, and demonstrate having access to, is an amount specified in an instrument in writing.

  1. Paragraphs 570.613(3)(b), 572.613(3)(b), 573.613(3)(b), 574.613(3)(b), and 575.613(3)(b), of the Regulations provide for an additional requirement in relation to the further amount of funds from an acceptable source a student visa applicant must demonstrate having access to.  These paragraphs apply if:
  • the student is subject to an assessment level of 3,
  • proposes to study in Australia for 10 months or less, and
  • does not want to be granted a student visa subject to Condition 8534 - this condition prevents a student from being granted a further substantive visa while in Australia (except for a protection visa, student visa, Subclass 497 (Graduate – Skilled) visa or Subclass 580 visa).

  1. The purpose of the Instrument is to specify the living costs amount and the further amounts of funds for student visa purposes as AUD $18 610 per year. The Instrument is updated to remove reference to paragraph 5A302(b) pertaining to assessment level 5, which has become redundant.  Assessment levels 4 and 5 have been removed from the Regulations as part of the simplification of the Student visa Assessment level Framework (recommendation 3 of the Review of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework 2013).
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