Migration (IMMI 18/040: Manner for Providing Details of an Event to Immigration) Instrument 2018
Key Words: 482,sponsor obligations,notifications
Date: 15/03/2018


6  Manner for providing details of an event to Immigration

For the purpose of subparagraph 2.84(2)(b)(i) of the Regulations, details of an event are to be provided to Immigration in the following manner:

(a)      by email to: sponsor.notifications@abf.gov.au; or

(b)     by completing the administrative form titled “Notification of sponsorship changes” and submitting the completed form using ImmiAccount.

  This instrument is made under subparagraph 2.84(2)(b)(i) of the Migration Regulations 1994. (6)  The notification of an event mentioned in an item of the table must be made within the timeframe mentioned in the item.   Item For an event mentioned in ... the notification must be made ... 1 paragraph ( 3)(a), (4B)(g) or (4J)(a) within 28 days of the primary sponsored person ceasing employment 2 paragraphs ( 3)(aa) to (l) within 28 days of the change or event occurring 3 subregulation (4) within 28 days of the change or event occurring 3A subregulations (4A) to (4L), other than the paragraphs mentioned in item 1 within 28 days of the change or event occurring 4 paragraph (5)(b) the earlier of: (a) within 28 days of the cessation date notified under paragraph ( 3)(a), (4B)(g) or (4J)(a) ; and (b) within 28 days of the actual cessation date  
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