LIN 19/051-Migration (LIN 19/051: Specification of Occupations and Assessing Authorities) Instrument 2019-May-2022
Key Words: 189,190,485,491
Date: 06/05/2022


  This instrument is made under the following provisions of the Migration Regulations 1994:

(a)   regulation 1.03;

(b)   subregulation 1.15I(1);

(c)   subregulation 2.26B(1);

(d)   subitem 1137(4C) of Schedule 1;

(e)   item 4 of the table in subitem 1138(4) of Schedule 1;

(f)    paragraph 1229(3)(k) of Schedule 1;

(g)   subitem 1241(5) of Schedule 1

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