Migration Regulations (LIN 18/081: Specification of Regional Areas for a Safe Haven Enterprise Visa) Instrument 2018
Key Words: Safe Haven Enterprise Visa,Protection
Date: 29/11/2018


  1. The instrument operates to specify under subitem 1404(4) of Schedule 1 to the Regulations, a regional area within Australia through the use of their corresponding postcode for the purposes of a Subclass 790 (Safe Haven Enterprise) visa.
  2. The Class XE visa is a temporary protection visa granted to non-citizens who have been assessed as engaging Australia’s protection obligations and who have met other requirements including, but not limited to health, security and character. A requirement of the Class XE visa includes the applicant providing an indication, in writing, that they, or a member of their family unit who is also an applicant for a Class XE visa, intends to work or study in a regional area.
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