12/127-Migration Regulations 1994 - Specification of a Class of Persons - IMMI 12/127
Key Words: 200,201,protection


(PARAGRAPHS 200.211(1A)(a) AND 201.211(1A)(a))
  1. This Instrument is made under paragraphs 200.211(1A)(a) and 201.211(1A)(a) of Schedule 2 to the Migration Regulations 1994 (‘the Regulations’).
  2. Subclauses 200.211(1A) and 201.211(1A) of the Regulations provide that an applicant for a subclass 200 (Refugee) visa meets the requirements of subclause (1A) if the Minister has specified, in an instrument in writing, one or more classes of persons for the paragraph, and a relevant Minister has certified that the applicant is in one of those classes and is at risk of harm.
  3. Subclauses 200.211(1B) and 201.211(1B) require that before making the instrument, the Minister must consult the Prime Minister, the Minister for Finance and Deregulation and any other relevant Minister with an interest in the specification.
  4. The purpose of the Instrument is to allow the Minister to specify a class of persons who may be eligible for the grant of subclass 200 (Refugee) and subclass 201 (In-country Special Humanitarian) visa.
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