Migration (LIN 19/061: Bridging (General) Visa—Satisfaction of Criteria by Certain Applicants) Instrument 2019
Key Words: protection,BVE,
Date: 23/08/2019



6  Specified class of persons

(1)     For the purposes of subparagraph 050.212(8)(c)(ii) of Schedule 2 to the Regulations, the classes of persons are specified:

(a)   all non-citizens who:

(i)       make an application for a Protection (Class XA) visa; and

(ii)     hold, or have held, a Subclass 785 Temporary Protection visa; or

(b)   all non-citizens who:

(i)    have made an application for a Protection (Class XA) visa within 7 working days of the Minister giving written notice under subsection 91L(1) of the Act; and

(ii)   hold or have held a Subclass 786 (Temporary) Humanitarian Concern visa.

Note:    Subsection 91L(1) of the Act provides that a Minister may, by written notice, determine that section 91K of that Act does not apply to an application for a visa made by a non-citizen in the period starting when the notice is given and ending at the end of the seventh working day after the day that the notice is given.

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