Migration (Places and currencies for paying of fees) Instrument (LIN 22/004) 2022 (No. 2)
Key Words: Fee, currency, currencies,
Date: 15/06/2022


https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/F2022L00783 Migration (Payment of visa application charges and fees in foreign currencies) Instrument (LIN 22/003) 2022 (No. 2)    

A number of fees and charges are payable in relation to visa applications.  Subregulation 5.36(1) of the Regulations provides that the payment of certain fees must be made:

·           in a place, being Australia or a foreign country, that is specified for paragraph 5.36(1)(a); and

·           in a currency that is specified for paragraph 5.36(1)(b) as a currency in which a fee may be paid in that place.

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