VISAS ATTRACTING A NON-INTERNET APPLICATION CHARGE 2016/099 (paragraph 2.12C(7)(a) and subregulation 2.12C(8))
Date: 16/11/2016


  1. SPECIFY for the purposes of paragraph 2.12C(7)(a) of the Regulations the following visas:
  2. Subclass 155 – Five Year Resident Return;
  3. Subclass 157 – Three Month Resident Return;
  4. Subclass 417 – Working Holiday;
  5. Subclass 462 – Work and Holiday;
  6. Subclass 476 – Skilled – Recognised Graduate; and
  7. Subclass 485 – Temporary Graduate.
3.             SPECIFY for the purposes of subregulation 2.12C(8) of the Regulations (in the Schedule to this Instrument) the circumstances where the non-Internet application charge is not payable by an applicant.  
  1. Instrument IMMI 16/099 is made under paragraph 2.12C(7)(a) and subregulation 2.12(8) of the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations).
  2. The Instrument revokes IMMI 13/145 (F2013L01937) under paragraph 2.12C(7)(a) and subregulation 2.12C(8) of the Regulations in accordance with subsection 33(3) of the Acts Interpretation Act 1901, which states where an Act confers a power to make, grant or issue any instrument of a legislative or administrative character, the power shall be construed as including a power exercisable in the like manner and subject to the like conditions (if any) to repeal, rescind, revoke, amend, or vary any such instrument.
  3. The Instrument operates to specify when a Non-Internet Application Charge (NIAC) is payable by an applicant to lodge a visa. The Instrument also specifies circumstances where the NIAC is not payable for an applicant for specified visas.
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