IMMI 12/094-Specification of a Class of Persons - IMMI 12/094
Key Words: Bridging,820,801,804,884,864
Date: 09/11/2012


The purpose of this Instrument is to specify applicants for an onshore Partner or Parent visa, whose visa application has not been finally determined, as a class of persons for the purposes of Paragraphs 010.611(1)(c) and 020.611(1)(b).

Specifically, onshore Partner and Parent visas include the following visa subclasses:

(a)           Partner (Subclass 820);

(b)          Partner (Subclass 801);

(c)           Aged Parent (Subclass 804);

(d)          Contributory Aged Parent Temporary (Subclass 884); and

(e)           Contributory Aged Parent (Subclass 864).

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