Migration (Specified persons and periods of time for regulation 5.19) Instrument (LIN 22/038) 2022
Key Words: 186,5.19,specified person,exemption
Date: 17/03/2022


The purpose of the instrument is to specify a new cohort of specified persons who, after 30 June 2022, will be eligible to meet requirements under regulation 5.19 of the Regulations for applications seeking approval for a nomination of a TRT visa.  It also exempts the new specified persons and an additional cohort of subclass 457 visa holders after 30 June 2022 from the operation of paragraph 5.19(5)(c) of the Regulations. 

   Additionally, the instrument continues specifying the matters specified in Migration (IMMI 18/052: Specified Persons and Period of Time for Regulation 5.19) Instrument 2018 (IMMI 18/052).  IMMI 18/052 operated to:

·           specify a cohort of persons who may hold a subclass 482 visa in the Short-term stream that may be eligible for permanent residency for subparagraph 5.19(5)(a)(iii);

·           specify different time periods for paragraphs 5.19(5)(e), (f) and (g) which apply to specified persons, and for persons who experience a COVID-19 reduced work period or a COVID-19 unpaid leave period as defined in the instrument; and

·           exempt certain persons from operation of paragraph 5.19(5)(c) of the Regulations. 

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