RRV visa is now required to be lodged with IMMI Account unless the applicant receives a written notice from the department
Key Words: 155,157
Date: 01/04/2022


The purpose of the new instrument is to update the approved form, place and manner (“the arrangements”) 4for making an application for a Return (Residence) (Class BB) visa (Class BB visa).   The instrument also provides that applications for Class BB visas must be made using an internet form 5through ImmiAccount.   If the application cannot be made in accordance with subsection (1), it may be made using form 1085 by sending it to residentsreturn@homeaffairs.gov.au if: (a) the Department has given a written notice inviting the person to make the visa application using form 1085; and (b) the written notice is attached to the application; and (c) the application is received by the Department by 11:59pm (AEST or AEDST as applicable in the place where the email is received), two calendar days after the Department sends the written notice.
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