Migration (IMMI 18/018: Visa Applications—Temporary Skill Shortage (Class GK)) Instrument 2018
Key Words: 482,Manual.Lodgement
Date: 15/03/2018


6  Manner in which applications must be made (1)     For the purposes of item 1240 of Schedule 1 to the Regulations, subsections (2) and (3) specify the manner in which an application must be made. (2)     Subject to subsection (3), an application must be made as an Internet application, using one of the approved forms specified in subsection 5(1). (3)     If subsection (4) or (5) applies, and if: (a)          an officer has sent an authorisation for a person (the applicant) to make an application in accordance with this subsection; and (b)          the authorisation in paragraph (a) is sent by an email from e482.Manual.Lodgement@homeaffairs.gov.au, then the applicant may instead make an application by: (i)            using approved Form 482V or approved Form 482D, as provided with the authorising email; and (ii)          emailing the completed application form toe482.Manual.Lodgement@homeaffairs.gov.au by the end of the day on which the authorisation was given (AEST or AEDST as applicable to the date on which the authorisation was given); and (iii)        including in the email, a copy of the authorising email sent by the Department and the name and position number of the officer who sent the authorising email.
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