FY 2023-Tax Return Non-Necessary Declaration

This is for our special professional price to lodge Tax Return Non-Necessary Declaration on your behalf.

Please note:

If you are fitted into one of the following categories, you are required by law to lodge your individual tax return.

  • Total taxable income for the year from all sources exceeds the tax free threshold of AU$18,200.00
  • PAYG Amounts have been withheld from my pay or income
  • I had prior year losses or a loss in the current year
  • I carried on a business
  • I have a reportable fringe benefits amount included on my payment summary
  • I wish to claim a refund of imputation credits
  • I had an individual interest in the net income or loss of partnership
  • I am entitled and wish to claim the private health insurance tax offset
  • I am entitled to a distribution from a trust which carried on a primary production business
  • I am a special professional covered by the income averaging provisions

Thus, if one of the categories above is applicable to your scenario, the service is not suitable to you.


AU$6.00 (tax)
Total: AU$66.00
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