FY 2023--GST registered- Company Trust and partnership-No Employees -Turnover more than 150K and less than 200K

This subscription is for small business tax compliance (company, trust and partnership). The  annual turnover of the business  is more than 150K and less than 200K.

Our service includes,

  1. The Subscription fees to Xero Ledger Account
  2. Quarterly Business Activity Statements*4
  3. ASIC Compliance (Annual ASIC fee payment reminder)
  4. Setting up the client portal with us
  5. Booking online appointments for tax consultation (such as the discussion of the  government grant, change of the business structure, etc)

Please note:

  1. Additional fee may be charged if the accounts is very messy or prolonged delay in responding to our queries
  2. Additional fee will be charged for the Annual Financial Report and  the Annual Tax Return(Usually, we charge 600+GST for the package clients)
  3. Additional fee will be charged for the Taxable Payment Annual Report(if applicable)- (Check the pricing for taxable payment annual report)
  4. This package does not include the management of single touch payroll and the subscriptions for single touch payroller software, such as payroller
  5. The business is expected to have no employees.(If the director fee is paid at the end of the year, additional fee will be charged to meet single touch payroll requirements)
  6. It is advised to check our full terms and conditions in our engagement letter before the purchase.
AU$90.00/month until cancelled
AU$9.00 (tax per payment)
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